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Confirmed: Terror attack in London

Pumpkin Eater

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The al qaeda/daesh magazines tell people in the west to do this kinda stuff, 50,000 people in the UK alone have downloaded the al qaeda magazine iirc.


What doesn't make sense to me is all these people that commit terror acts like this seem to have been on the radar for potential extremism at some point.


Like this guy was on the radar of MI5 for potential extremist activity years ago


And the Orlando shooter was investigated by the FBI prior to the nightclub shooting. Whose wife, by the way, was missing for several months before being found and arrested - the media never reported it for some reason.

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I would hope as the first responders came on to the scene and started helping the victims that this murdering terrorist being attended to was the last one they assisted.

My wife worked in the ER for awhile and said that some people may or may not have gotten a case of the leg cramps when two people needed immediate assistance and one of them was clearly the "bad guy". Drunk driver slams into guy headed to work. Drunk guy might not get their full attention.

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