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This crazy 'lady' gets what she deserves.

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ccw - fishing by yourselves/ourselves... hiking... you just don't know - drugs/insane people, etc.

I am surprised she didn't fire? at his cruiser? Lucky for the officer she wasn't black... or

enraged fake narratives would be all over the leftist communities.

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So what's the angle her? "Coos kill white people too"? Is that what you're using to discredit the general idea of BLM?



It's one thing to peacefully assemble and question what police can do differently or better. Even get together to see what changes in behavior need to be made as a community. It's completely different to destroy your own community and be more violent to make an ideological point. That's most people's beef with BLM.


It's a bad day all around when people lose their lives to the police but it is necessary most times. Those officers will never forget that day or that woman. It's tragic but true.

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Fucked up for sure and criminal.

In her case insanemail too.

By the way don't be a dick by using the word all.


I agree with Steve. Generalizations is what gets us rioting. Everything should be examined on a case by case basis. If the police generalized every single criminal encounter as "all" the same we'd have a rediculous amonunt of police shootings.


Dangerous criminal encounters that end in arrest still far outweigh those that end in police shootings.

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