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man made global warming is a fraud - end of debate


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it was an emotional movement by the UN and the left, to manipulate the redistribution of wealth

globally, and to sway America to identify under false allegations.... to vote democrats into

power. and to make mmgw investors a LOT of money. and all the little snowflakes

happily skipped on board the fake train.



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bullhockey nonsense.




"Tony Heller, a geologist and electrical engineer who runs the website Real Science, contrasted an image of modern-day modern-day Miami Beach with a picture of Miami Beach from the 1950’s that shows, if anything, the beach has actually expanded a bit." B)

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Move to Miami and report back from your new houseboat in 50 years. :D




34217 and there abouts is my home.. 20+ yrs ago Al Gore assured us we would be under water by now. I've been here since moving from the Cleve area in 73.. And I can tell you with a high degree of certainty, the gulf water have not risen one effin inch since then.. So spare those of us that live it daily that bullshit please.. It's a farce.

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