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Liberal fruitcake snowflakes at university demand to be paid..for their "emotional labor"


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now THAT is a freaking EMOTIONAL KNEEJERK of monumental proportions.


seriously, it's tough to believe they feel anything normal about anything.



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you mean like Yale etc?


Here is what is really behind all this wailing, hateful victimhood.




"And that’s what the “snowflakes” are really about: activists who extort and leverage money and power from institutions of higher education that have abandoned their mission to transmit knowledge and turn students into independent critical thinkers worthy of political freedom."


soros funded leftwing marxist groups rattling the institutions, every institution of America.


Greed, power, control, $$$$$$$$$$$, supreme personal power - like fighting windmills just to win.

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I love that these are always some tiny little liberal arts colleges

woodpecker thinks Yale is a tiny little liberal arts college.


what a birdbrain.

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