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Ok...who ya got? Superbowl?


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14. What two teams play in the Super Bowl? Who wins? Strange year.....CHI vs CLE and da' Bears win.

Hey we were all duped by the BROWNS 2019 Super Bowl shuffle.....blame Dutch it was his idea.

If the above aren't going to be there I'll take the 49ers over the blackbirds.

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Choose one from each menu:


Baltimore Ravens;   Kansas City Chiefs; Tennessee Titans; Houston Texans


Green Bay Packers; San Francisco 49ers; Seattle Seahawks; Minnesota Vikings.

I think a Vikings/Texans  or Titans  would be fresh....but that won't happen.   

I think: Chiefs vs. Seahawks.


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6 hours ago, SdBacker80 said:

I said I quit watching.  The December Browns games were enough football for me 


I quit watching that going into the last two. Ravens because of the obvious finish to the ongoing trainwreck and Cincy because of the coming embarrassment of losing to the worst team in football. Baker devolved into Manziel this year. He'll be out selling some off brand insurance or Stihl chainsaws soon if nothing changes. "This is what you do."😱

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17 hours ago, mjp28 said:

Any more guesses before the field gets cut to four?


My thoughts and preferences. 

Hoping- KC to the big game. Fervently hoping someone beats the Ratbirds before they get there, but I'm not counting on it. 

NFC? Probably Green Bay, but hope the Vikings can make it. My money is on the 49ers to make it to the bowl. Anyone except the Seahags. 

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Betting wise I think the Hawks are being very underrated going to GB, IMO the Packers are not very good. I think Seattle will beat them.

And again I think Vikings +7 I think is well worth a play. Both dogs for me ML and spread. 

As for AFC games I've zero interest in getting involved, the lines look spot on


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