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Prove Your Innocence?


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Maybe in communist countries they have "justice" systems where a person must prove their innocence but that has never been  the case in the United States where the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove guilt. Many democrats would make great communists as they want Trump to prove he is innocent the same as they expected Justice Kavanaugh to prove his innocence and not the other way around. The only thing constraining these communist democrats is the wisdom of the founders of our country and the constitution and it is almost always the democrats who are wanting to either eliminate parts of the constitution or modify it.


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it's a disease, that surely must be it. They catch it, and want power so desperately, so much, that they can do whatever they want, accrue all the wealth they want, and ruin anyone with any dishonest process anytime anyone gets in their way.

  The ruthlessness and abuse of power lends itself to historically proven examples of cruelty, oppression, tyranny, and dread/fear across an entire country - even across an entire continent.

   Maybe all this lawlessness was inevitable - to start out after that much power - to where you never have to lose it - you have to stop teaching about God in schools - demoralize American families, train a new generation into never believing in America, never teach American history, never teach our Constitution/Bill of Rights....

that way they can take our precious freedoms for granted. that way, they can be ego-driven on emotion and manipulated.

that way, they can be manipulated into losing their freedoms and their security. and their guns. and their families. and their God.

and their Country and their way of life. Their Flag. Their Constitution/Bill of Rights. Right to own a farm. Our electoral college.

But here in Real America - there is no other bastion of FREEDOM to run to. There is no escape to America anymore.

and that, has been the rest of the dishonest world's greatest desire for at least a half century. Look at the U.N.

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