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Trump is the best President since Abraham Lincoln

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ok, which one of you taught woodpecker to use the "s" word?

next thing you know, he'll learn another one and another one...til he has a

10 word nasty phony bird squawk vocabulary.

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6 hours ago, MLD Woody said:

Is Trump a better president than Reagan?

as a person before he was pres, I liked Reagan more. as a president, Reagan was second best - because Pres Trump is accomplishing a long list of accomplishments that is actually amazing, given that the msm is all leftwing activist, with leftwing federal judges stopping him at every chance, and a corrupt bunch of dems in the House refusing to help him accomplish anything, to the point of trying to ruin him and his family with vicious lies, and a completely bogus "impeachment".

     and given the troubles we face today, outside of the cold war vs the soviets, Pres Trump has maintained a wonderful sense of humor about it, while "suffering the slings and arrows" of hatred from the hateful side.

    Tonight, we watched him in a townhall on Fox News. He rocked the place - and the questions from dem voters as well as republican voters were not the usual soft questions - they were hard hitting, most all of them. He handled them intelligent, humorously at times, and he charmed the whole set of folks.

    He was asked about the deficit, and what he planned to do - when it was actually up. His answer was detailed, honest, etc etc - which was really impressive due to the applause he kept getting.

    His new trade deals will really make a difference over the years. We need a democrat house to add to the improvement of Real America, away from liberal "calfornia" corrupt hell America.


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