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The Last Dance

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I liked in the most recent edition where one of the FO people took the camera crew to meet the "Sniffer bros".. Jordan is in a room with some obviously high power business types.

But as the camera man walks in there is an obscure guy to the left standing there with his hands clasped behind his back. Of no obvious notice.  I told my wife.. That's the one. ;)


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15 hours ago, Axe said:

Seriously, none of you are watching this?

Nope, and I do like basketball.  But I think Jordan's reputation is overblown somewhat.  Not that he isn't great.....but when I would make up my list of the greatest basketball players ever...he may  not squeak into the Top 5. 

IMO, Kobe was just as good really.    And both of them were a product of  Phil Jackson's coaching.  Kobe and Jordan are near clones of each other....but neither  of those players ever made a single NBA Finals where Phil Jackson was not their coach.    Kobe/Phil  would have probably won a 6th title except for a bit of a fluky win by the Pistons in 2004.  Kobe/Jackson also lost another Finals to the Boston Celtics in 2008.  So, Phil/Kobe went to more Finals than Jordan did with Phil.  (but like I said...it was PHIL that took them all there.)

I would  probably put Magic  (5 titles before HIV), Wilt (he was Wilt...no more need be said)  , Russell (11 titles...many more than Jordan)   Kareem (6 titles,plus several more Finals)...and of course LeBron  ahead of Jordan.       LeBron went to NBA Finals with the likes of Mike Brown, Eric Spoelstra,  David Blatt, and Tyronn Lu  as his HCs.  Jordan NEVER played a team in the Finals that was ever as good as the Spurs and the Warriors were.   He also never had  a #2 as good as  Scottie Pippin  ...until maybe this year with Anthony Davis.  (maybe you could argue that  Dwayne Wade comes close) .

Besides,  sure,  I will not deny that the Jordan and the Bulls are not among the greatest of all time, but they were beating the Cavs at that point....so fuck them. 

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