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Part of the democrat's socialist war on our Freedoms - to make us TOTALLY dependent on their giant government


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it's what they did with LBJ's "great society" to the black communities. It's what they do with promises of "reparations" for fake "current racial victimization everywhere".... etc etc. with guns - they are fine with radical leftists murdering anyone who crosses their paths, or just being at home, etc...

      but let a Good Honest American have to defend their home with a gun? They go fake outrage, but the truth is, they want all of America to be afraid. and be totally dependent. and totally obedient, and allow themselves to be totally manipulated. It's the ultimate power they crave, the ultimate access to power over the wealth of America.

They will tax everything, outlaw any freedom that helps them get the power to never have to give it up. Guns protect Americans - they don't have to be so afraid of "blackshirts/brownshirts/rapists/muggers... so the left fights the gun orgs and gun owning Americans.


t's happening next week, from Monday, August 17 to Thursday, August 20. And, if you can stomach it, you should watch because you need to see for yourself what the party's plans are for gun control if Biden becomes President.
This is directly from the 2020 Democratic Party Platform. They seek to:
  • Enact universal background checks.
  • Ban the manufacture and sale of common sporting rifles.
  • Ban standard capacity magazines.
  • Require licensing to exercise 2nd Amendment rights and own firearms.
  • Impose "red flag” laws that allow seizure of guns without due process.
  • Mandate storage rules in the privacy of your own home.
  • Allow companies to be sued out of existence if someone misuses their legal products.
  • And more.
We've been saying for years what the gun-grabbers really want. And now we're seeing it. They're not even hiding it anymore. And this at a time when many cities are allowing, or even encouraging, mob violence and toying with the idea of defunding or abolishing police.
It's vital for you to know the enemy of your rights.
Yours for Liberty,
Dean Rieck
Executive Director
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