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New Uniform combinations


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This topic caught me at a wrong time. i probably shouldn't have opened it.



Yeah, you're in the wrong thread, Roach.


In one thread they've found a really cool way to triple Quinn's QB rating by replacing an incomplete pass and an interception with a touchdown ... red zone turnovers have never been so much fun!


And in another thread I'm a "poser" Browns fan that gets all viagraed up and chases the old ladies around the senior center while the game is on ... OK, that one's true ... but you should see Ethel light up when I show her my "Umbrella trick".



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It isn't replacing anything, Z. If Edwards catches that ball in his hands/chest, Quinn walks off the field 8 of 10 with a TD. Just that one play.


He didn't. And Quinn threw an interception.


Should we go back and adjust Anderson's rating last year for everytime Braylon dropped a pass, and all ensuing interceptions?


The NFL is not a shoulda woulda coulda league. It's a league where you lose games when you turn over the ball in the end zone.


Edwards failed. Then Quinn failed.


The old "he wouldn't have failed if the other guy didn't fail first" argument is weak.


But let's not hijack this guy's thread ... I prefer the white pants.





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