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Those of You That Voted For Biden


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Unfortunately these guys I'm sure are embarrassed to have voted for himr and will try to think there's a silver lining in this shit. And the news media will cover up the senile old bastard as much as they can.

When the economy starts to choke on its own vomit I've heard talk of actual negative prime rate. That might make things look good in the short-term but who knows for how long until the bottom drops out.

But that's besides the orders that are just pure and simple batshit crazy.


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Here’s one that everybody should like. From an NBC article.

“Executive order incorporating undocumented immigrants into census

Undocumented immigrants will be counted in the national decennial population count, according to Biden’s order, which overturned Trump’s attempt to exclude them during the 2020 census.”

At its core, the census is a data collection tool that counts people. I think most of us agree that illegal immigration is a problem, so why would we deny ourselves of raw statistical information on how big of a problem we actually have?

That’s like saying we have a problem with gangs in our town.

“Well how many gangs do you have?”

”I dunno. But they’re a problem.”

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4 hours ago, Canton Dawg said:

It’s pretty telling when the lemmings that voted for Dementia Joe, don’t even try to defend his actions.

it's tragic for America. They won't admit one.

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