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Biden may cause fuel shortages A state-by-state breakdown as gas shortages


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8 hours ago, calfoxwc said:

say, they demand we get rid of gas powered cars.

maybe they had russian hackers help them?


Well, OBidan did sign an EO or legislation that the Federal Fleet of vehicles were to be replaced with Electric Cars.

Sorry, don't remember the details right off as there we so many Dictatorial directives coming out right off the bat.


Pelosi and a few others bought a bunch of Electric Car related Options just before this news came out too.


How do you think these people make so money ?


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It's all by design.


Going to impact Transportation, which will result in yet more shortages and price increases.


Almost like they're trying to kick hyperinflation into high gear.


Price of Lumber has nearly quadrupled.


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when they create enough helter-skelter/despair and damage and strife...

they can happily declare martial law, which is the permanent

power they dream of.

they already have their own

"joseph mengele" in farci, who decided that

the research at that wuhan lab was "worth the risk".



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think about it.

for you liberal wingnuts out there....

FEEL about it. Thanks to all the emotional knee jerk STUPID votes against Pres Trump and America First:


Will Russia End Up Controlling 73% of Global Oil Supply ...


Mar 06, 2016 · If the above scenario plays out, Russia will emerge as the de facto leader of the major oil producing nations of the world, accounting for almost 73 percent of the global oil supply.

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  • Vambo changed the title to Biden may cause fuel shortages A state-by-state breakdown as gas shortages

Carolina's has been a straight up joke since Monday morning..

Most pumps ran dry 2 pm Monday. Nobody had gas Tuesday..

as of Wednesday.. Fuel trucks were released from pipeline depot in Selma, NC & followed to Fueling Stations ..Fueling Stations, put a 20 dollar max limit on fills & Gas lasted from 8AM- 1pm before pumps ran dry again 🤬 Wednesday

I had plans to drive to Findlay. Ohio Saturday for a wedding...as of Tuesday evening?.. that plan, changed to a flight to Detroit..sister's Toledo car, to get me to Findlay..

NC Governor Roy Cooper owes me a flight ticket....I'll wait 🤓

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