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Cyberattackers seek to cripple U.S. on Biden's watch, expert raises alarm over weak White House response


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we have a coward, a mentally disabled president. Like I said - it's history - our enemies are going

to act out now that we are divided, disoriented, damaged and distracted by the left, from the sick sombeitches in our

WH, the entire demonazi party, and their various groups of brownshirts paid to hate..

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18 hours ago, gumby73 said:

Carolina's has been a straight up joke since Monday morning..

Most pumps ran dry 2 pm Monday. Nobody had gas Tuesday..

as of Wednesday.. Fuel trucks were released from pipeline depot in Selma, NC & followed to Fueling Stations ..Fueling Stations, put a 20 dollar max limit on fills & Gas lasted from 8AM- 1pm before pumps ran dry again 🤬 Wednesday

I had plans to drive to Findlay. Ohio Saturday for a wedding...as of Tuesday evening?.. that plan, changed to a flight to Detroit..sister's Toledo car, to get me to Findlay..

NC Governor Roy Cooper owes me a flight ticket....I'll wait 🤓

Carolina's Thirsty Thursday (laughing stock.. increased volume? ?) Gas Pumping update ..  

Fuel time.. Had a shelf time of all of... 8am to 11am Thursday .. We were treated with only 3.75/gal. Premium pumps.. This is the definition, "of things should get better by Wednesday"/State officials..

I was the first truck in line to fill my truck to get me (the hell : ) to Raleigh airport Friday 3am.. Hopping a flight to Detroit, than hometown Toledo...Yes!.. Detroit & Toledo can be better ! 🤓  

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