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Audit finds out that Maricopa officials DELETED ELECTIOJN DATABASES from VOTING MACHIMES


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the big coverup? of course it is. The election was stolen - that crap happened in several states. OH THAT IS WHY DEMOCRAT STATES SUED TO KEEP IT FROM BEING FOUND OUT.

major fraud. biden did not win that election.


BOMBSHELL: Maricopa County Officials *Deleted* Election Databases from Voting Machines, Arizona’s Auditors Find

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election was STOLEN. now, dirty dominion refuses to cooperate with an independent audit.

America demands to know what all the hell went on with these stupid machines.


WHAT IS GOING ON? Dominion Voting Says They Will NOT Release Info On Maricopa Voting Machines

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What Will It Take for the Legacy Media to Honestly Cover the Arizona Audit?


answer: forever - or as long as the leftwing paychecks keep coming in.

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and, the left is terrified, biden and the puppetmasters have now made the DOJ their political cover up weapon...again.

the "DOJ" is trying to STOP the AUDIT.

guess why they are terrified.

the truth. The election was stolen, folks.


GOP Chair Elise Stefanik: Justice Department Is ‘Trying to Block’ Maricopa County Audit

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