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Biden clears way for Russian pipeline after blocking Keystone Pipeline in US


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their wealth is all tied in to globalism.

"America First" cut into their wealth.

so they hated Pres Trump.

the bunch of traitorous asswholes.

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Hey, what about the "Emoluments Clause" all you Leftist have been trying to nail GOP Presidents on for years ?



The level of hypocrisy from the Left is disgusting in how ya'll defend the absolute evil we've been subjected too.


Do we defend "our guy" ?

Yea, too a degree - especially against totally bogus BS charges we've seen over the years (that's yet another Black mark against you MoFo's).


Honor / Honesty evades you.



Nobody is perfect   .   .   .   but damn, the line up you've given us abhorrent.


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