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PRESIDENT PLAGIARIST Biden tries to claim credit for Israel-Hamas cease-fireThe true LIAR IN CHIEF!


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I saw that. putin's puppet has made an entire career of being fake. He's plagiarized, since at least high school, he's stolen

lines from others and pretended the lines were his, and steals credit from other's accomplishments, and LIES about his fake "grandeur".

He never accomplished ANYTHING good FOR AMERICA in 47 years,

Even when he was somewhat coherent? he was a LIAR.

"graduated at the top of his class" NOPE.

but it's a long list. and every single voter who voted against Pres Trump and America First (as in, were emotionally manipulated to vote stupidily)...voted for bloodshed of innocent folks, violence by the left, despair and inflation and loss of jobs and high crime and Cloward-Piven...and more. The left is working to dismantle our GREAT AMERICA, and replace it with a fake marxist pipe dream that they can permanently own. If they were to succeed, it's HISTORY - those governments FAIL, and then they have to clamp down on their own population to keep power.


Mark Simone

The Very Long List Of the Many Times Joe Biden's Been Caught In Major Lies

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