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The QB Competition Exceeds Training Camp.


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I can't help but think the QB competition doesn't end in training camp. Look no further than how long Charlies Fryes started here in 07. Within 2 weeks of hearing "you WON the job Charlies" - he was hooked up with a travel agent and a 1 way ticket to Seattle. Meanwhile, before DA's Cinderella story found it's early midnight - there wasn't the volume of people hoping to see a better alternative. Why? He won before the scouting reports got hot and heavy. Not only that, I don't think I've ever seen 10 opponents on our schedule with an average of 5 wins apiece. That was the only time in recent years that Nike kicked Poseiden's ass on Lake Erie.


If Quinn WINS the job in training camp but LOSES the games in September - he doesn't keep the job. That would be a nightmare to discover this in his 3rd season IMO. We should already know this like they do in Atlanta. That's why this whole thing has been an epic screwup since drafting a young QB to be our future only to train another young QB for the job instead. In reality, we've been dicking around with this question for 3 years and until it's still answered - which makes it tough focus on other areas of the team. I think the two 10-6 losses in 2008 reflect this somewhat. You only get as far as the anchor.


I haven't wanted a QB competition since DA went 3-6 in his 3rd season of starts while Quinn averaged 30 points a game in his first 2 starts. Not bad considering how tough it got to score on offense after Quinn's hand injury the rest of the season. When you gotta dummyup your playbook and shrink it you either have a rookie QB or a QB whose performance is regressing. It's been brought up by many of us how much we hope film review of REGULAR season games last year weighs into this. I think it's gonna tell me more than what another QB can do to poor Detroit.


On a positive note, I NEVER saw the reps divided this evenly before so it's a good reminder of what a REAL QB competition looks like. I'm not sure how much the preseason will tell us so all I will continue to look for is who moves the team more consistently. I think playing Tennessee this week is a GREAT opportunity for us to see what we have in BOTH QBs. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing BOTH guys getting reps with the ones this week if it's a 3 quarter thing. Tenn is going to try to avenge last week's piss poor and you better believe they'll be motivated to do so.


In the end, it's not about winning preseason games - it's about being consistently good enough to win when the games count. If you can't - you'll be as memorable as poor Charlies Fryes and Todds Philcox. If you CAN, you rekindle warm fuzzies memories of Brian Sipe and Bernies Kosar. I gotta go - I'm getting all sentimental.

- Tom F.

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If Quinn wins the job, and flops out of the gate, then it is understandable and forgivable as we just didn't know what he had. The argument then would be is it really fair to bounce him out on his ear after only a few starts.


If DA wins the job and is the same old INT-DA, then shame on us as we knew this was the recent trend.


I'm thinking the starter ought to get 6 games minimum.


2 cents.

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