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Oil prices

Westside Steve

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Great idea Biden defenders. Your policies have been a good chunk of the reason for the spike in gas prices and a loss of oil Independence in the USA. Now you can deplete our Reserves to cover up your own mess. Yes I know...



"We're here today because we need immediate relief at the gas pump and the place to look is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve," Schumer, a Democrat, said at a ne...

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Pissaki Admits White House Wants to Use High Gas Prices to Push “Alternative Energy”

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everything the left does is for their own aggrandizement of their own bloated egos, their power and their wealth.

that is why nearly everything they do, backfires badly. and hurts a lot of America.

They do NOT solve problems, they create them and support those problems as

a lever to get...

more power and wealth and control. control over other Americans' wealth...and children....and lives....etc etc.

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they think high gas prices are "good" because it will force Americans to buy

electric cars.

you know, "mmgw".

So many bought into it.

Guess what:

Pelosi Pushes Electric Vehicle Subsidies As Husband's ...

The reconciliation bill also proposes $42 billion in tax credits for purchases of electric vehicles, which Democrats hope will incentivize new car buyers to purchase electric vehicles instead of


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