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Growing consensus on need for more US energy, but unclear if Biden admin will move to make that happen


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BUCK UP, BIDEN: Energy leaders on fate of fossil fuels as Joe remains slow to make any moves

BUCK UP, BIDEN: Energy leaders on fate of fossil fuels as Joe remains slow to make any moves

"That fact won't change overnight," Yergin said, and oil and gas will still be relevant in 2050. Yergin also emphasized the geopolitical impact of the shale revolution and the United States' world-leading oil and gas production. That is "very critical for the overall balance" of the world, he said, because Russia trails only slightly behind as an energy producer. 

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do nothing wimps - Benghazi - did nothing.

Crimea- did nothing.

Crossed chemical attack in Syria (fake) redline... - did nothing.

Invaded the Ukraine, committed genocide, war crimes, targeted all civilians and journalists for death.... - did nothing.

nazis razed Europe, ruthlessly commited war crimes against Jewish folks.... - did NOTHING...

until it was WWII, then we FINALLY stepped in.

By then, all widespread hell was unleashed.

I fear history is repeating itself - and we have complete incompetent corrupt cowards running our government -

democrats traitors, and liars.

and people who voted for it won't be honest about what they have done.

I think pukin could explode a suitcase bomb on our west or east coast.... and the biden regime would do...

nothing except maybe increase sanctions to stop Twinkies from being sold to russia.....

I knew a war was coming - it isn't about me - it's about history. Pukin won't stop until WWIII stops him.

eh...see my survival thread if WWIII starts.


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