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Former Marine Col. condemns Biden's woke focus in military amid Ukraine War.

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"The biggest European land war since World War II, and where is our military focused: Gender dysphoria and woke training," Swan says in the video, first provided to Fox News Digital. "THIS IS INSANE!"

"Putin’s reviewing nuclear options while we assess transgender therapy options," the retired Marine colonel adds. "As a retired colonel who led Marines overseas, I know that this woke indoctrination will destroy our military, and that’s why I oppose transgenders in our ranks."


Put them on the front line give them a taste of action!

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It's so destructive. Dividing and undermining everything around them.

Schools, gov depts, our military, our energy, our Supreme Court, our Constitution/Bill of Rights,

our legal system, our immigration system.

   Can't control and have total power over what works - so they have to break it.

Having been in the Strategic Air Command, with B-52s on the flight line, and nukes in some bunker on base....

there is NO room for this distraction garbage in our military. It's a clusterfook, profoundly irresponsible.

   and lefties felt good to vote for it all. Blood on their hands already - it could get a lot worse.

BTW, there is a difference here - of course some folks felt that things would be better if they voted against Pres Trump.

They just make a terrible mistake.

It's the people who didn't give a damn, and voted wrongly because they wanted to belong to the social media group that pretended to hate Pres Trump.

Why? look at his accomplishments. then look at obaMao/biden good/great for America accomplishments.

I keep asking haters to "name one".

they run and play hidsies and seeksies.

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