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For? Or Against?


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Meant to, was really busy ....so they are going to estimate...how much they "feel" you will make in the future....and tax you on what maybe you did NOT make. WTF?

So, if you didn't make more money, what are they going to do? Refund it?

Or just give you credit for next year, while they have your money now?

Meanwhile, why would richer folks invest? They run the risk of being slammed with taxes

on income that they may not see for a few years or more?

  That can't stand. They want to raise our national debt by 45 trillion. Expect recharges to your electric car to

make them a lot of money, once they get you hooked.

So a company invests in R&D, for years, and this corrupt bunch wants to tax them on what they might make in

extra income from their years of investment that may not have paid off yet?

Worse than corrupt.


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Kind of a who-cares situation for me. Hard to have much sympathy for a guy worth hundreds of billions of dollars but WTF. That's always been the manager of the Democrat Party. After the accounting firms take care of everything I would imagine that the blip in a cash flow for any of these guys could be visible to the naked eye. And the effect on our economy would be zip zero zilch nada. But hey the free shit Brigade could hold up their tax the rich banners and Shout.


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So, you guys think this will only effect Billionaires? lol

You fellas ok with unrealized gains being taxed?

Do you really think this will stop with billionaires? 

Multi millionaires on deck,😖 millionaires, yer in the hole.

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I would love to know how they are going to figure out how to tax an unrealized gain.

I don’t have any sympathy for the super rich, but this pie in the sky tax will eventually trickle down to the working men and women.

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2 hours ago, Canton Dawg said:

I would love to know how they are going to figure out how to tax an unrealized gain.

Great question. maybe...they will take turns flipping a coin for biden on aoc's suggestions, and pelosi will decide on one of the top three.

bigger, more serious trouble ahead.

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