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Truth is not a left-wing value. Political correctness is one example. Another is that during the Russian collusion fiasco, there wasn't a single leftist searching for the truth. The aim was to ignore the truth. The idea that there are more than 2 genders, America is racist and blacks are being oppressed ...the examples go on and on.

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Does anyone understand why they happily embrace the glaring false narratives automatically?

they won't let go even after being proven 100% false.

Like "russian collusion" it was a fake, a setup to enable higgardly and the corrupt fbi, cia, doj...in control of our government.

It's been PROVEN that the higgardly campaign, the fbi/cia/etc.... were guilty of russian collusion.

Clinton, her campaign, the dangerous corrupt brennan, clapper, etc etc etc....

played a dangerous, vicious, corrupt game.

It didn't work - and they took out their failure and worry over losing their power - on Pres Trump - who was not

one of them.

Dangerous times. Dangerous corrupt people in our gov - unelected.



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