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Just blow me bro

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their curriculum? crt, I guess.

trying to win the lottery, one imaginary offense at a time.

Wife: "hey, how we going to pay for our kid's college education?"

Husband: "I have it all figured out financially."

Wife: "We work hard for years, and invest wisely?"

Husband: "No, no, that takes too long. I'm the brother of Michelle Obamao, we'll just bitch at the school, til they

don't do what we tell them to do, then we will sue them and win millions - see - all we do, is have an ObaMao appointed judge. Easy money"


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9 hours ago, Westside Steve said:


The brother of former first lady Michelle Obama and his wife are suing a private Milwaukee school alleging it refused to allow their two sons to re-enroll afte...

Wow Big Mike slingin the big lumber now....

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