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The Physics of Eternity

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Interesting video..


Our take..


2 bowls, or a full bottle of wine recommended ;)


Don't blame me, I just wrote it , did the guitar work, drums and keyboards. Aside from that, I am blameless. 🤘😆🤘


Point being, eternity is a repetitious series of expansions and contractions of the known universe.

The big bang wasn't the first.. As the Seer of all things testifies..


Many fans have asked if "The Seer of all things" is God..

You tell me. That's above my pay grade.

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On 5/13/2022 at 10:10 PM, Axe said:

You tell me. That's above my pay grade.

How about providing the written lyrics in that for those of us who are hearing impaired and cannot really understand the words behind the music.

Anyway the expanding, contracting and expanding again Universe by who knows how many times is gaining ground again in modern Cosmological physics.

For now I will just try to live by the wisdom I find in the New Testament as best I can and hope for salvation. Best shot for me is not unlike his disciple "doubting" Thomas. If there is room for him, then there is for me as well. And he had the advantage of knowing Jesus in real life, not just in written words from 2000+ years ago.

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