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Many Good Teams had BAD QBing yesterday


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I watched alot of college football yesterday. I felt TERRIBLE for Tennessee. They could have had Urban Meyer coaching that team and there wouldn't have been a THING he could do with such a crummy QB. Crompton was atrocious - this wasn't a division IAA opponent so it was a first time to see the reality of their QB position. I thought he struggled in the first quarter last week vrs the Division IAA opponent regardless of what he did afterward. Seemed like the score was 0-0 after 15 minutes vrs a tiny school.


I didn't think Pryor was much better yesterday. That BRUTAL INT gave USC their first 7 points in an air tight ball game. I don't WANT to hear he's the next Vince Young again until he's beating college teams he's not supposed to be on THIER home turf. Otherwise, it's all unjustified hype. He couldn't move that team at all late in the game. The disorganized delay of the game penalties were absurd.


I also caught parts of the ND-Michigan game. That Forcier kid accomplished what you want your QB to do when the game is on the line. MAKE plays that keep a team alive until the game's last play where he MADE a play and helped his team win the game. I don't think Michigan was the more talented team in their matchup - I think someone stepped up and made plays from the driver seat. Did I mention he's only a freshman? That's the way Pryor was hyped up to play.


Last year I watched our Browns lose TWO 10-6 ballgames that BEGGED for a QB to win those games. Yesterday it seemed like every college team I rooted for played very respectable defense but missed an offensive leader everyone could count on to make those plays. Ummm, GOOSEFRABBA!!!!

- Tom F.

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Pryor is young, but starting to think we would have been better off to lose the Pryor lottery, hope he proves me wrong. Can he turn out to be a decent QB yes, but he was not the reason we lost yesterday.

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