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Pro Football Pick 'Em--Week One


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Here's week one of the college contest, and here's week two.


On the NFL side of things, it's a new season. And what a new season it is! The Browns got pushed around on defense, there are furious debates over the QB, and the team got most of its points from Phil Dawson and Josh Cribbs. It's a whole new paradigm, people--let's just try to keep up.


In the contest, it's a new year, with new players, new euphemisms, and sixteen more chances to refuse to take the five minutes a week it takes to register picks for the contest you signed up for.


On to the results!


Big Winner of the Week: This week's BWOTW is someone whose name I haven't seen before. Someone with the handle of 6x Champs took the prize this week, with 11 points. I can only assume that they are using their contest name to signal their love for the Dodgers or Bulls, and I for one salute them for remaining loyal to teams that have fallen short of their former glory in recent years.


Shameful Dogs of the Week: Skinny Little Boy, Mayhem, Dawg Robiskets, and, shockingly enough, The Great Zomboni each had just 6 points this week. I'm disappointed, Zippy...you usually wait until at least halfway through the season to go into the tank.


In any event, here are this week's results, which double as the season-to-date:


1 6x Champs 11

2 Dency's Winners 10

2 BrownsFan17 10

2 Thaak 10


2 DieHardBrownsFan 10

7 Shake vs. Meatwad 9 (This just feels like it needs a euphemism, but I'm not sure what it will be just yet)

7 Mr. Freeze 9

7 Timugen 9

7 Cookie Crush 9

7 lambdo's money liners 9

7 Tupa 9

7 Rubes Cubes 9

14 Ignorantly-Backsided Caucasian 8

14 eqrulz101 8

14 DTBH 8

14 EASYV 8

14 hammertime 8

14 7whiterob7 8

14 Irisheyez 8


14 Inspecta's all up in yo backside 8

14 Mark O 8

14 Erie dawg 8

25 Beanpot 7

25 WPBDawgFan 7

25 HowieDawg 7

25 LNC 7

25 Furnier 7

25 Brown'sFanInDallas 7

25 Riceloft 7

25 Childish Euphemism I Refuse to Type In Sweat Pants 7

33 Skinny Little Boy 6

33 Mayhem 6

33 Dawg Robiskets 6

33 The Great Zomboni 6

37 Juki's Instant Losers 0

37 WVBrownsfan 0



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