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Getting Michael Gaines


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The man can get seperation


I think what you meant to say was "the guy gets completely ignored by the defense" That usually means that you don't matter.

I'm not sure anybody really cares that we got Micheal Gaines. Although, I doubt he will drop more balls than Royal.

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I guess he is a blocking te that CAN catch


That's what TEs used to be before Ozzie Newsome, Kellen Winslow and Mark Bavaro came along. If there's a Dave Casper arguement out there - okay, him too!


KWII could NEVER help set the edge so as wonderful as he was for our passing game - he was worthless against the OLB/DE types. Whenever I posed this arguement, he'd seemingly nail a 190 pound corner in the open field (with a 15 yard head of steam) the next week and someone would ask me if I saw his block. Then of corse I'd have to remind them Joey Porter remained block-free for 60 minutes as our running game never turned the corner all day.


SOME teams are adding an extra tackle on the perimeter and making htem pass eligible. If Gaines blocks/moves better than our backup tackles for such a need, Amen, Alleluia and Koombaya.

- Tom F.

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