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Flugel's Key to Beating the Bears


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The thing I always LOVED about football dating back to life before grey hair was it was a game FULL of challenges. I was a short olineman blessed with leverage and we always did this drill called board drills.


It was a 12-15 foot plank 12 inches wide where 2 olinemen faced each other in the middle in a 3 point stance and attempted to drive the other guy off the board. It was all about finding the difference between ass kickers and ass kickees. Nowhere to hide in that drill folks but it's the BEST teaching tool for winning leverage I've ever seen. This 1 kid who used to work out with me said "Coach, I want to START at OG this week." That being the case our freshman football coach said "Flugel is that okay with you?" Completely stunned he asked me I said "RUN IT MAN" which meant I had to face this kid in front of the whole team to prove he wasn't taking my job. The SAD truth of it all, is this kid had an 8th grade stud starting over him at the other OG spot and I was a team co-captain when we were freshman. Anyway, I was shorter and lighter than this guy BUT I was first out of my stance, I got up under him which meant I removed his legs and drove his poor ass almost into the canal 200 yards away. To me, that's what football is ALWAYS supposed to be about - WHO wants it more? If you want it more, you'll find the way to rip Goliath's head off and shit down his neck like David did.


Moral of the story: football isn't about SIZE it's about passion and heart. When I look at some potential strengths of our offense, I see Eric Steinbach finding out whatever way he needs to beat somebody and he's GREAT at pulling/trapping whenever necessary. I see Joe Thomas who sealed a pretty nice edge for Jamal last week that many backs could have scored on with that kind of daylight. I see Mack improving steadily (except last week). Fraley brings the versatility and I dare say the Bears running game misses St Clair in 2009. I'd even like to see the return of the screen pass that we worked so much on in training camp with both QBs which includes our oline blocking downfield.


To RUN the ball effectively, you need attitude, passion and whatever edge you need that works for you on the warrior game inside. More specifically, we need to bring the mindset we brought to our games vrs Buffalo and Cincy. FLOCK the Qb talk right now. I'm talking where football games have beern won and lost since the game was invented. TODAY'S battle begins in the trenches where the SAME Cincy team we took to OT from solid trench play ran right through Chicago's defense like they were wearing pink mini-skirts. While I'm not very confident in our guys fetching passes - I dare say the key to winning today is "Run It Man! Right down their esphagus!"


Wouldn't it be nice for a Monday of High 5s to replace the Manic Mondays we've reached the threshold with? The saying goes like this - in the NFL anything is possible. I don't look at the Bears like they're world beaters this year.

- Tom F.

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First and foremost, we need to play DEFENSE today. This offense is struggling to include rookie receivers, and other receivers only a few weeks old on this side of the ball. The defense needs to get themselves off the field time and time again. Stop letting up third and long's. contain the run, show fundamentals such as tackling on a play-for-play basis.


Offensively: We need to get DA and the passing game in a rythm early. Make simple possesion passes to get everyone a feel of the ball. We need to see Harrison more and Cribbs in at WildDawg and mix it up ... don't go with the WildDawg package four times in a row until it is stopped, use it in the red zone, or in key series to gain a surprise first down, mix it up.


I think the rookie receivers come out with something to prove. I want to see them fighting for balls. Someone will step up here today between the rooks and all the new TE's and receivers.


DA has to make a connection early, build confidence and show what he can do. He's been learning alot and thinking too much, time to start to have some things work.


Special Teams needs to hold the field advantage.


Defense may need to score, take some chances ... go balls-outt.


A win isn't a win today, playing well, establishing something, showing progress ... is a win at this point.


embarrass the looming boycott!

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