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He's a starting linebacker for the winless New York Sentinels of the UFL.


He recorded 4 tackles in their most-recent 41-10 loss to the power house Las Vegas Locomotives.


Man, I can't believe Mangini frittered away that kind of talent Opie left for him on this roster.


people are taking Opie's mess out on Mangini.


You want to gag? Look at the 2008 draft missing day 1. We have 1 keeper that doesn't start. I'm not sure about Hall any more.


Then we only 4 picks heading into the 2009 draft. Mangini doubled that.


Meanwhile, Winslow and Braylon are a combined 1-10 in their new cities with greener grass. Both are starting rookie QBs and TB is actually on their 3rd new QB.


Aside from that, Opie is the REASON Winslow wanted out long before Mangini even got here.


I wanted Quinn to start the 09 season for us and Mangini did that.


Braylon is Braylon. He is now in the city that prefers a Jeter to an Arod. When they pay serious cake to see their sports teams - they'll even boo Santa Claus if he isn't changing scoreboards. I saw Sanchez's INT video collage the 2nd week Braylon was there and 2 INTs went right through his hands and the NEW city he was plaing in had zero do with his concentration lapse.


I'm not warm and fuzzy about Mangini's style with the media and all the secrets. That said, he DOES have a boss that could change that as quickly as one 10 minute sitdown chat. I'm more worried about Lerner and all the previous damage than a guy who REALLY wants to change alot of that even if it includes a 1st step backwards.

- Tom F.

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