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honestly looking at the final 5 games of the season


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vs Chargers 4:00 CBS

vs Steelers (Thursday Night) 8:20 NFLN

@ Chiefs 1:00 CBS

vs Raiders 1:00 CBS

vs Jaguars 1:00 CBS


I think we will beat the Chiefs and Raiders, maybe Jaguars? What do you think.



Looking at this you have to consider the Non X and O issues. Based on talent alone the Raiders and Chiefs are only marginally better than the Browns. UNfortunately by the time we play the Chiefs the Browns will be 1 - 12 and logic would tell you that if they have not given up already, by that time there is a high possibility that they would have.


In addition at 3 - 8 the Chiefs and Raiders BOTH have players and coaches who either have a chance to win a job or keep a job for 2010 with a good performance. Facing a team that is 1 - 12 should give both of these teams a higher level of motivation. By this time I can't imagine any Browns player seeing opportunity in a good performance.


Talent wise these two games might have been 55/45 in favor of the opposition, but with the other issues considered I think the Browns are on the losing side of a 75/25 probability.


Last game of the season? Jags could be in a playoff hunt, we lose this one in all likelihood.


I say the Browns take one game and finish 2 - 14

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The only way i can see us winning one even against KC or the raiders is if BQ and somebody catches on fire and with the breakdown of protection thats not likely to occur ,we will most likely go 1-15 next question is in what way will the new czar/gm continue the tradition and find a way to squander our number 1 pick?

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We are missing our best defensive lineman and three of our starting linebackers, plus a starting safety. Holding any team below 21 points will be a major acheivement.


If a team kicks to Josh and Quinn can play a great game the same day the defense plays over it's head we could win a game. I'm not down on the future of this team just the immediate future of finishing this season.

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With a victory over the Steelers, a five game winning streak, an unquestioned coach and QB, and a full head of steam going into 2010, our Super Bowl year.



Are you still going from last night, or did you get an early start this morning?

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