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Packers @ Falcons


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24 minutes ago, LondonBrown said:

Ty Montgomery is to the Packers what Duke Johnson could be to the Browns if we ever used him correctly

We need a off cord that knows what he's doing

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Historically, the team that loses the Super Bowl   (especially in the dramatic manner as the Falcons did)....has an off year the following year.

(note:  no SB loser has come back to win a SB since the 1972 Dolphins...so that has bee 45 years.....and no SB loser has even come back to play in a SB since those 1990s Bills, so that has been like 25 years)

This does not seem to be the case for the Falcons this year.  Don't know if they will get back to the SB....but they seem poised for success so far.

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