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And a Merry Christmas to you

Westside Steve

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I know gay people that would call that guy a faggot.


Nobody in their right mind gets offended when someone says "Merry" or "happy" whatever the hell you celebrate.


The %5 extreme of the left be damned, they don't represent the other 90% of the sane people in this matter. Of course I have to save the other 5% for the extreme right just to be fair.

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yeah i just thought it was some dude trolling and turned it off after 15 or seconds. Didn't realize the guy is professional comedian....he's not very good at his job if that's the case. What was supposed to be funny about that?

Well, I can bet who around here would find that funny.


But it doesn't take much to impress most of them anyway.

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Sorry to hear that, OBF, 2016 was a fine year - but most of the first 6 months was trying to rehab my

new artifical superknee, and part of that was mentally getting used to not being in a lot of pain with my

completely worn out knee, When the surgeon opened up my knee, I heard the staff gasped, that my

knee was so bad - didn't show up on xrays. He said it was the second worst he had ever seen...


But we did well, it was a good year, so much work to do come spring. It took me every bit of 9 months to stop

being afraid to walk up and down stairs....


Here's to all of us having a GREAT 2017. Never give up!

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